Shipping and Handling

  • STEP- 1

    Separate all the accessories from your unit if it’s not related to the problem your experienceing  (battery-straps-memory cards-case)

    • demo-pro-1
    • demo-pro-2
    • demo-pro-3
    • demo-pro-4
  • STEP- 2

    please place your camcorder in a plastic bag, wrapping it in bubble wrap.Place it in a box with at least two inches on all sides between the camcorder and the box.Add enough packaging material, such as foam,bubble wraps so that the camcorder cannot easily move around in the box. Tape the box not use original sale box’s for shipping

    • bubble
    • box
    • extra-large
    • box_masking
  • STEP- 3

    Include the work order form inside the package

    • Work-order-form
  • STEP- 4

    please choose one of the following shipping company’s to print your shipping label

    • fedex2
    • ups
    • usps-logo