Professional Camcorder Service And Cleaning

You rely on the quality of cameras, camcorders and lenses to help you make beautiful pictures. In order to keep your camera equipment in great condition, regular maintenance is needed. Maintenance Service is here to help. Regardless of how careful you are with your gear, dust, debris, and wear are inevitable. From the professional photographer to the consumer anyone can experience these effects which may lead to lower image quality. To avoid this, we recommend periodically having your cameras, camcorders and lenses cleaned and checked by a our professional trained Service Technician.

Your camera is a dust magnet from the inside out whether it’s a DSLR, Professional camcorder, a mirrorless camera, or even a point and shoot

Those dusts can easily reach on the ccd sensor and create dark spots on your pictures, there for keeping the camera from inside is as important is keeping the camera body clean.

 Cleaning the sensor but in reality you are only cleaning the low pass filter that is mounted in front of the sensor. Not everyone is capable of cleaning their own sensors. If you do not have the professional equipment and not been trained, you can critically damage your camera. do not attempt this and take your camera to a professional.

Focus Calibration

 Due to the nature of the phase detect autofocus system that is present on all SLR cameras, both cameras and lenses must be properly calibrated by trained service technicians in order to capture sharp images. Various factors such as manufacturer defects, sample variation, insufficient quality assurance testing/tuning and improper shipping and handling can all negatively impact autofocus precision.

Having Video Cam Repair clean and service you DSLR Cameras, Camcorders and Lenses will bring your equipment back to the original factory performance,

Lets keep the cameras sharp and clean