How to keep your camera or camcorder in good shape

20 Aug How to keep your camera or camcorder in good shape

Dos and don’ts from our 25 years experienced camera repair business in Los Angeles, California


We have had the opportunity of working not only with the most modern and professional units but also the oldest film cameras and camcorder within many years

 By being in camera and camcorder repair business we have gained more knowledge and experience every day that we would like to share some of them with you

Keeping cameras, camcorders and lenses in a good shape wouldn’t require a repair as often. It’s recommended to do cleaning and re calibration every 6 months specifically for DSLR cameras, Tape Camcorder and lenses.

Keeping DSLR Cameras and lenses clean will prevent the CCD Sensor from having dirt or dust on it. Always change the camera lens in an indoor environment or inside your car to prevent dirt and dust getting into the camera.

We always recommend our clients to use Original chargers, batteries and cables as aftermarket accessories can seriously damage the unit’s Fuse, Power circuit, main board and etc.

Ensure to always avoid using any kind of an Oil or WD.40 on the cameras or camcorders for any reason. usage of the oil can damage the LCD Screen, CCD Sensor, Tape Mechanism, Video Head and cause shortage on camera circuits.

Try to keep your camera away from Heat, Moister, Humid areas and from overcharging, leave you battery no more than 4 hours in charge.

If you drooped the camera or camcorder in water or any liquid remove the battery immediately and call a repair center so they can open and clean the circuits, the more the liquid stays in your camcorder the more chance for the camera to get damaged.

Avoid cleaning DSLR camera sensors unless you have the special tools or training. Cleaning DSLR camera sensor will cost you about $45.00 to $65.00 but Scratching or damaging the CCD sensor can cost you hundreds of dolor’s.

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