GoPro Repair

We repair on all brands and models of

GoPro cameras, Hero 1, Hero 2, Hero 3 ,Hero 4, Hero 5 And Hero 6

Our certified and experienced GoPro repair technicians are always happy to assist you with any question you have regarding your camera or camcorder 

Our online estimate is quick and accurate. Don’t hesitate to give us a try and request for a free online estimate : Click Here For Free Estimate 

Our Camcorder and camera repairs always come with general service cleaning (inside and body ) as well as re-calibrating and re-aligning to factory settings and free return shipping
We use brand new, original parts

VideoCamRepair always offers up to 6 months warranty on parts and labor 

If your Go Pro model number is not listed below

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  • Bad USB port or a broken USB port
  • Broken screen
  • Power issue
  • Lens problem
  • Freezing Gopro
  • Water Damaged Gopro Repair

Gopro Hero 1 Repair/ Gopro Hero 2 Repair

Gopro Hero 3 Black Repair/ Gopro Hero 3 Silver Repair

Gopro Hero 3 White Repair/ Gopro Hero 3+ Silver Repair

GoPro Hero 3+ Black Repair/ Gopro Hero 4 Silver Repair

Gopro Hero 4 Black Repair/ Gopro Hero 5 Repair

Gopro Hero 6 Repair


gopro her 4 gopro hero 3

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We Don’t Replace Your Camera With Some Used Unit, We Actually Do Repair Your Own GoPro Camera







Gopro Hero Repair


Gopro Hero 2 Repair

Gopro hero 2

GoPro Hero 3 Repair


GoPro Hero 3+ Repair

Hero 3 +

GoPro Hero 4 Black Repair

hero 4

Gopro Hero 4 Silver Repair

4 silver

Gopro Hero 5 Black Repair

gopro-hero-5-blackBlackMagic Design Production Camera Repair


Gopro karma drone Repair


Blackmagic URSA Mini 4K EF


Blackmagic Repair


Blackmagic Design URSA Repair

Lytro Illum Light Field Digital Camera Repair


Hasselblad X1D-50c Repair


Pentax K-3 Repair

DJI Phantom 4 Drone Repair

DJI Mavic Pro Repair

Red Camera Repair

Chronos 1.4 High-speed Camera Repair

Canon  binocular Repair

Binocular Repair

Garmin – VIRB 360 Repair

Gopro Hero 6 Repair


Canon 10×30 IS Binocular Repair

Canon 10×42 Binocular Repair

Canon 18×50 Binocular Repair

Canon 8×25 IS Binocular Repair

Canon 15X45 IS Binocular Repair

Canon 12×36 IS Binocular Repair

Canon 15×50 IS Binocular Repair

Red Epic X 6k Repair

Red Epic X Dragon Repair

Red MONSTRO 8K VV Repair

Red HELIUM 8K S35 Repair