Digital 8 and Hi8 Camcorder Repair

digital_8-converted             Hi8

We repair on all brands and models of camcorders and cameras

Our certified and experienced repair technicians are always happy to assist you with any question you have regarding your camera or camcorder 

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Our Camcorder and camera repairs always come with general service cleaning (inside and body ) as well as re-calibrating and re-aligning to factory settings and free return shipping
We use brand new, original parts

VideoCamRepair always offers up to 6 months warranty on parts and labor 

If your camcorder’s model number is not listed below

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Sony DCR-TRV 250 Repair


Sony DCR-TRV 350 Repair


Sony CCD-TRV 138 Repair


Sony CCD-TRV 608 Repair


Sony DCR-TRV 520 Repair

dcr trv 520

Sony DCR-TRV310 Repair

Sony DCR-TRV310

Sony DCR-TRV130 Repair

sony dcr-trv130

Sony DCR-TRV140 Repair

ony DCR-TRV140

Sony DCR-TRV120 Repair

sony dcr-trv120

Sony DCR-TRV230 Repair

sony dcr-trv230

Sony DCR-TRV238 Repair


Sony DCR-TRV240 Repair

sony dcr-trv240

Sony DCR-TRV330 Repair

Sony DCR-TRV330

Sony DCR-TRV340 Repair

sony dcr-trv340

Sony DCR-TRV480 Repair

sony dcr-trv480

Sony DCR-TRV720 Repair


Sony DCR-TRV740 Repair

sony dcr-trv740

Sony DCR-TRV830 Repair

sony dcr-trv830

Sony DCR-TRV840 Repair

Sony DCR-TRV840